our roots

CapeCrops, is the culmination of a century-old family philosophy based on trust and quality that survives to this day. We’ve etched our family name into South Africa’s culture and economy and are proud to be a Level One B-BBEEE rated company. We strive to the leading supplier and distributor of fruit, vegetables and other commodities to our clientele both upon the African continent and abroad.

We are firm believers that profits are secured during the procurement process, which is why we always aim to source quality products at the best prices – thus giving our clients an instant and irresistible edge over their competitors. By maintaining strong ties with the most seasoned farmers, we are able to source the most natural and best-tasting fruit and vegetables in South Africa.

We take care of all legal and certification requirements before the produce even leaves the farm, and our expert handlers (and their best-in-the-business cold chain) ensure that customs is cleared and that the shipment arrives at its final destination in optimal condition.

We firmly believe that African fruit and veg is among the most wholesome, healthy and flavoursome on the planet and we’re passionate about helping our clients all over the world to showcase it on the global stage. Because you can’t argue with the sweetness of a sun-ripened tomato or the crunch of a Cape apple.