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Sourced throughout Africa.

Delivered globally.




The proof of our quality, is in the eating. Working directly with farmers, enables us to guarantee fruit and veg that bursts with colour and flavour, every time – and is organic wherever possible. All our products undergo all the necessary inspections and tests and we supply the accreditation to prove it. Where applicable, we’re able to provide all the necessary organic certification too. You will never be disappointed by the freshness or quality of our produce.



By forging real relationships with individual farmers we are able to cut out the middle man and ensure premium quality. We pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest and juiciest fruit and vegetables (organic wherever possible) direct from our trusted network of farmers across South Africa and beyond. Out in the African farmlands the seasons may change, but our focus on freshness and quality never wavers.



CapeCrops is proud to have our own in-house logistics company, Coastline Logistics. Coastline Logistics specialises in connecting African produce with the global market. Their intimate knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory landscape on the continent, coupled with a peerless cold chain, allows us to successfully deliver sea and air freight consignments from any origin, to any destination. Customers who prefer to work with their own logistics suppliers are welcome to do so.


our mission

to get the freshest fruit from farms to mouths, leaving a taste of africa lingering around the world.